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Mill Creek Partners (MCP) represents sellers of businesses ranging in revenue from $300 thousand to $20 million. Mill Creek closes on about 20 business sales a year, largely in the Delaware Valley region of Pennsylvania. MCP sells businesses in and around Philadelphia year in and year out – local expertise and local knowledge. Every week from 25 to 50 buyers approach MCP to buy a business. We maintain an active database of over 6000 buyers.

Confidentiality is number one priority. Your employees, customers and competitors will never know your company is for sale until after the sale is closed.


Check out MCP’s proven Selling Process that maximizes Return for you. As a Philadelphia business broker and M & A firm, MCP will bring both national and Philadelphia buyers to your transaction. MCP has two decades of experience in the Philadelphia market and a database of thousands of buyers looking for businesses.


Mill Creek Represents Your Sale


Mill Creek Partners sells more businesses, on average 20 a year, than any Business Brokerage and M & A firm in Eastern Pennsylvania. More businesses for sale equates to more buyers. MCP attracts 25 to 50 buyers every week, with over 6000 buyers interested in purchasing a business currently in our proprietary database.


  • Mill Creek Partners’ staff is trained in the business sales process. We have developed our own legal forms and procedures to facilitate the closing process and keep costs in line.
  • Mill Creek Partners advertises businesses widely and effectively – 20 websites including our own, local advertising, direct solicitation via phone and mail, direct contact with local business owners and professionals. An attractive business will draw as many as 50 buyers. Mill Creek Partners has developed a system to qualify buyers to determine their ability to run a business, as well as their financial resources to buy a business. Only qualified buyers are presented to sellers.
  • Mill Creek Partners maintains strict confidentiality throughout the sales process.
  • Mill Creek Partners pre-qualifies businesses with banks and financial institutions. To sell a business in the Philadelphia market a business broker must have regional knowledge and financial relationships.


Read more about the Mill Creek System designed specifically for your complete satisfaction.


Key Factors to be considered in Selling Your Business


Setting the selling price:
Too high and the business doesn’t sell and too low and you leave money on the table. Mill Creek Partners has the in-house expertise to develop a valuation for your business.


An intermediary must have the ability to find buyers without compromising your business.


Qualified buyers:
We estimate that 4 out of 5 buyers are not qualified either financially or in terms of past experience. We will only bring qualified buyers to a seller.
ο Mill Creek markets widely to find qualified buyers – individuals, private equity and strategic buyers. We can bring dozens of qualified buyers for a well-positioned business.


Books and records:
Ron Hoxter, the president of Mill Creek Partners is a NY State CPA. Mill Creek Partners business intermediaries are experts in the financial and tax issues incident to business sales.


Mill Creek is an expert in arranging financing for buyers, critical to obtaining maximum cash upfront for your business.


Closing documents:
Mill Creek often drafts the closing documents for the buyers, subject to legal review, saving time and money for both buyers and sellers.


Due Diligence:
Buyer verification of financials, contracts and other key aspects of a business is critical to a successful close.




Mill Creek Partners has compiled a collection of valuable resources for our clients and visitors to this site. Please review these resources at your leisure and contact a Mill Creek expert to assist you in selling your business.



Schedule your free consultation now. Mill Creek Partners makes selling your business simple and gets you what you have earned. To sell a business in and around Philadelphia you need the expertise of a Philadelphia business broker.

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